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Michael Ammann
Magnepan Ribbon Tweeter Repair Kit

I ordered the kit and then nothing worked.
I received no reply to a new email. Just a TNT shipping number.
The package arrived incomplete. It was missing a “60.6” Tweeter Emblems and Mesh Fabric”.
Oh well. I was allowed to repair the ribbon with help. Carlo Struchtrup (72 years old) used to sell Magnepan in Switzerland. He has repaired a good 200 ribbons in his life.
The instructions (I ordered 2 sets) were different every time. I think a Chinese person photocopied them. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3... Step 5 ..... where is step 4 ???
Half a page was missing from one photocopy.
Carlo threw the original syringes into a corner. Absolutely unusable. I was allowed to buy new ones.
Why are there only 8 instead of 10 ribbon supports in a set?
Carlo finally managed it.
I wrote an email to the sales manager. Almost exactly what I'm writing here. I don't think he likes writing: no reply. But now a request for a review by e-mail.
I love my Maggies 3.5R very much. This set should definitely be revised. Maybe you could also buy a new photocopier and number the pages. It is then easier to attach a few papers with Bostitch.
If anyone understands this sentence, please feel free to translate it for me: “It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that the ribbon foil, end to end, is stretched EXACTLY 61 : off of length ... NOT MORE...NO LESS.”
Greetings from Switzerland, Michael Ammann, 8704 Herrliberg

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